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  • 247@EcoPowerSupplies is a web-based 24 hour, 7 days a week alarm monitoring service. The remote site monitoring web portal provides clients with a secure login access and information from both SMS (text) and SNMP (simple network management protocol) monitored systems, with client dedicated alarm scripts.

    247@EcoPowerSupplies is designed to operate with any UPS system or standby power generator, access control, temperature, humidity and security alarms that can generate an SMS-based alarm. Specific routines can be custom programmed for individual SNMP-based systems.

    The portal can be viewed via any PC, tablet or smartphone with a browser capable of accessing an https:// URL. Clients can also send technical support tickets and book a maintenance visit via the portal.

    247@EcoPowerSupplies features include:

    • 24/7 site system monitoring with specific alarm scripts
    • User configurable graphics: to represent the critical alarms and parameters being monitored
    • Specific alarm categories: critical, major and minor, with users grouped into alarms categories
    • Alarm specific response actions
    • Regular pre-set dial-in Checkup times
    • UPS status issued via SMS or email to remote contacts
    • Multi-system and location configuration
    • Request a site maintenance visit

    Please note that 247@EcoPowerSupplies is normally offered as part of a UPS or Generator Maintenance Plan and requires an EcoPowerSupplies “SMS Modem” to connect to the remotely monitored system to the portal.

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