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Active Harmonic Filters

Active harmonic filters provide protection from harmonic issues on site that affect power quality. On polluted sites, active harmonic filters can provide a quick return on investment as they act as harmonic correction units and protect vital equipment from harmonic problems.

Active harmonic filters provide a quick and effective response to power quality fluctuations and help to prolong equipment life, improve process reliability and reduce energy losses. Harmonic distortion, voltage fluctuations, poor power factor and load imbalance are among the primary types if power problem that can affect modern electrical systems. The increasing use of non-linear loads and renewable power systems can lead to increased instances of harmonics which can lead to wasted energy, switchgear overloads and heat generation. Installing active harmonic filters helps to improve energy efficiency, industrial plant productivity, reduced maintenance costs, longer operating life and additional electrical capacity for existing site connections.

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Typical Harmonic Correction Unit Applications

Active harmonic filtering can be used in many types of installation and environments. Systems can be used to improve the power quality of variable speed drive-supplied motors. compressors, pumps, conveyor systems, shredders, mixers, extruders, winders, grinders, crushers, DC drives, welding equipment and uninterruptible power supplies.

  • Commercial Buildings: datacentres, server rooms, IT facilities, hospitals, laboratories, airports, retail outlets, shopping centres, financial institutions, hotels, residential buildings, office complexes, ski resorts and amusement parks
  • Infrastructure: water supply and treatment plants, HVAC heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, traction, railways, cranes, lifts, solar and wind farms
  • Industry: steel, cement, food and beverage, oil and gas, chemical, paper and pulp mills, textiles and clothing, pharmaceutical, electronic manufacturers, automotive, packaging, sorting and printing industries, marine and off-shore vessels