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APC Smart-UPS 750VA LCD 2U Rackmount UPS

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  • The APC SMT series Smart-UPS 2U Rackmount 750VA/500W UPS with up to 6minutes runtime at full load is an advanced line interactive UPS system to protect network servers, storage and associated equipment. The UPS provides a clean and reliable network-grade power output, suitable for critical data and networking equipment. Smart-UPS units are highly efficient at low, medium and high load levels and are ideal for today’s multi-core and virtualised servers with varying load profiles.

    Typical applications include: servers, storage, point-of-sale terminals, switches, hubs, routers and other network devices.

    Runtime Graph

    APC SMT750RMI2U UPS Runtimes

    Smart-UPS SMT 750VA/500W 2U Features

    • High Efficiency Green Mode: optimum efficiency to reduce utility and cooling costs.
    • Emergency Power Off (EPO): for remote UPS shutoff in the event of a fire or other emergency (2200VA models and above).
    • Alphanumeric LCD Display: intuitive interface to provide detailed and accurate information with ability to configure locally.
    • Battery Disconnect: convenient way to disconnect battery for transportation.
    • Network-grade Power: provides stable, conditioned power with noise filtering, automatic voltage regulation (AVR) and surge protection.
    • Communication Ports: serial, USB, and SmartSlot for network accessory cards.
    • Advanced Battery Management: temperature-compensated battery charger to extend battery life and advanced algorithms to recommend battery replacement date.

    Additional 2U Rackmount Features

    • Slim 2U Rack/Tower and 4U Short Depth Convertible Forms: display rotates easily for use in or out of a rack.
    • High-frequency Design: reduced size (or eliminates) bulky transformers making installation even easier.
    • High-voltage Models: (2.2kVA and above) configurable Output from 200V – 240V on high-voltage models.
    • Models available with Pre-installed Network Cards: models with ‘NC’ suffix are pre-installed with AP9631 network cards with environmental monitoring.
    • Smart External Battery Connector: accept external batteries and increase runtime automatically to increase availability.
    • Switched Outlet Groups: reboot hung devices, shed non-critical loads to conserve runtime and sequence start-up/turn off.

    Smart-UPS Display – Intuitive, easy-to-use LCD interface

    • LCD Display Screen: clear, consistent and detailed information in your choice of basic or advanced menus.
    • Power Status: operating mode and efficiency, load VA/Watts/Amps, input/output voltage and frequency, battery capacity and runtime, energy meter and more.
    • Control: UPS and outlet group settings.
    • Con¬figuration: language, power quality settings, alarm, delay and threshold settings.
    • Test and Diagnostics: initiate battery and runtime calibration tests.
    • Logs: see explanation of last 10 transfers and faults.
    • About: UPS and replacement battery part numbers, serial numbers, battery install, and suggested replacement dates.
    • Quick Status Indicators: online, on battery, fault, and replace battery LEDs for quick status identification.
    • Escape: exits to the previous menu or screen.
    • Return: used to enter or confirm settings.
    • Navigation Arrows: allows for quick adjustment of settings.
    Power 750VA/500W
    Runtime Up to 6 minutes at full load
    Input Connection IEC lead with moulded plug
    Input Voltage 230Vac (160-280Vac), 50/60Hz
    Output Connection 4xIEC320 sockets
    Output Voltage 230Vac, 50/60Hz
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 432x405x89mm (2U)
    Nett Weight 17.27Kg
    Delivery Time Ex Stock
    Maintenance Plan Replacement battery kit available (RBC123/MDS123)
    Warranty 36 months (extended available)

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