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Automatic Voltage Stabilizers (AVS)

The EcoPowerSupplies range of mains Voltage Stabilisers includes both single-phase (1Ph) and three-phase (3Ph) stabilisers from 1kVA to 4MVA and servo electro-mechanical and static electronic models. 

The standard input voltage range is +/-15%. Other input voltage windows available include: +/-20%, +/-25%, +/-30%, +15/-25%, +15/-35%, +15/-45%.

Looking automatic voltage stabilisers for industrial, commercial or domestic applications? Then call the Eco Power Projects team for advice or to arrange a site survey or quotation on 0800 612 7388, email us or complete our enquiry form.

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Digital Regulation

In some parts of the World these voltage stabilising units are known as AC line voltage regulators or Automatic Voltage Regulators or AVRs. Their functionality is exactly the same. Automatic may be shortened to auto voltage regulator and the same terminology applies for the phases available including single phase voltage regulators and three phase voltage regulators.

Power Stabilization Solutions

Automatic or Auto Voltage Stabilizers is another alternative product description applied in some countries and this is sometimes shortened to just AC voltage stabilizer, servo stabilizer or power stabilizer.

The majority of products featured in this collection are servo stabilizers and static AVRs are available on request.