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Battery Monitoring Systems and Testers

Batteries can be the weakest link within a standby power or uninterruptible power supply system. At EcoPowerSupplies we provide a range of fixed battery monitoring systems and handheld battery testers.


Battery Monitoring Systems and Handheld Testers

Batteries can be the weakest link within a standby power or uninterruptible power supply system. At EcoPowerSupplies we provide a range of fixed battery monitoring systems and handheld battery testers.

Fixed battery monitoring systems are permanent installations installed with your battery set. They can provide continuous data or stored data for analysis as well as visual indication as to the overall health of an individual battery and blocks themselves. Handheld testers are used during battery testing visits and preventative maintenance contracts to test and record individual blocks.

EcoPowerSupplies also provides battery testing, replacement and eco-friendly battery disposal and a wide range of replacement UPS batteries.

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Hand Held Battery Testers

The following terms are often used to describe battery testing and internal ohmic measurements:

  • AC Impedance
  • AC Conduction (Midtronics CAD)
  • AC Resistance
  • DC Resistance (Alber Cellcorder)

The terms only describe the presentation of the data and not the actual way the measurement is made. It is how the measurement is made that dictates the accuracy and bearing of the test.

A battery is designed to produce DC power. The limiting performance factor for any battery cell is it’s internal resistance. The resistance path can be represented by a number of resistors connected in series. Current will always follow the path of least resistance in a circuit.

When an AC current is used for testing, the test current will pass through the internal capacitor.  In some cases, up to 45% of the resistance path will not be measured.

DC resistance testing is not affected by capacitance or AC noise. This makes the method of testing more reliable and repeatable. The CellCorder battery tester uses this method and measures the inter-cell connector resistance values as well as the internal cell resistance.

Ohmic measurements can be taken when a battery is online,  and the tests can be affected by a charger, inverter or load. Large batteries have a very low resistance which makes instruments using 1-2Amp test currents susceptible to the influence of AC noise.

DC resistance measurement is a superior test measurement. It eliminates the ‘capacitor effect’, is not affected by ripple or noise and offers superior resolution and repeatability. The CellCorder tests the true cell resistance of a battery (IEEE/BS/EN method) using a patented DC battery test system that tests the cell/bloc and inter-cell connections in less than one minute per cell. The CellCorder can also be used on-line or off-line (floating or off charge).

How The CellCorder DC Resistance Tester Works

The Cellcorder Battery Tester takes the initial float voltage and then applies a load (72A for 2Vdc) for 3.5s during which time the voltage will depress. After the load is removed the voltage will recover. The internal resistance is calculated by capturing the voltage drop and measuring the value of the test current with 0.1% accuracy and superior in accuracy to conductance testers (approx accuract 4%).

Fixed Battery Monitoring Systems For Datacentres

In critical power environments such as a datacentre EcoPowerSupplies recommends fixed battery monitoring systems that can offer the following benefits:

  • Advanced Measurement Technology
  • Easy Installation and Commissioning
  • Cloud Based Monitoring

Advanced Measurement Technology

A fixed battery monitoring system for Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries should monitor and record a range of battery performance parameters to help determine the condition of the individual battery blocks and strings. Fixed battery monitoring systems of the type sold and installed by EcoPowerSupplies can monitor:

  • Battery cell (monobloc or battery block) voltage and impedance
  • Temperature (from the negative terminal)
  • Current during float charging, discharging and recharge cycles
  • Ambient temperature
  • AC ripple where possible

This information helps to provide detailed analysis reports that can be used to manage the overall lifecycle of a UPS battery set.

Easy Installation and Commissioning

To simplify battery monitor connections the system sold and installed by EcoPowerSupplies has a separate monitoring module for each battery block with just one connection for each battery terminal. This makes for an easier and neater installation for the need for plastic trunking containment for the modules or cables. In contrast other less sophisticated battery monitoring systems connect to two or more battery blocks, leading to a more integrate configuration with up to two connections to a single battery terminal.

Cloud Based Monitoring

Our Canara fixed battery monitoring system transmits monitoring data to Canara’s own cloud based servers for analysis and retrieval. There is no direct connection to client networks and weekly reports are issued and sent to clients detailing battery conditions with actions required if necessary.