Collaboration between Eco Power Supplies and Watford Control Confirmed

We are delighted to announce the agreement between ourselves and Watford Control to start listing their products on our website.

With over 70 years of continuous manufacturing in the UK, and tens of thousands of products worldwide, Watford Control are one of the world’s leading brand of voltage stabilisers and voltage management technology. For over 60 years Watford Control’s electromechanical stabilisers have been in operation, including a solid state stabiliser which was patented in 1972 and which still sets the benchmark for today’s modern products.

Watford Control are one of the leading companies in Voltage Stabilisers & Regulators, offering solutions to meet the most unique requirements. With a range of models from 1kVA up to 4mVA with fully customisable features, it really can be adjusted to be unique to each and every customer’s requirements. The digital voltage stabilisers provide flexible input control along with a host of optional extras to satisfy the most complex applications in the most demanding environments.

Watford Control’s electromechanical (EM) Voltage Stabilisers deliver the most cost effective and efficient way to ensure a stable, undistorted mains supply for most applications.

Here are some of the many benefits of the electromechanical voltage stabilisers:
•Custom made to suit any application, at any size and with any option required
•Thousands of models ranging from 1kVA to 4mVA
•Single or three-phase options available with input ranges from ±8% to ±40%
•Supplied with a range of digital communications options
•Optional bypass systems
•Standard indoor IP20 range and outdoor IP54 range up to 4mVA

The launch of this collaboration between ourselves and Watford Control is something we are very excited about. As we know from previous dealings and their excellent reputation in the industry, these products will take the market by storm and keep our customers more than happy with the service provided.

If you would like to see the products that are being sold, please visit www.ecopowersupplies.com/


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