A Guide To UPS Maintenance Contracts and Services

We’ve had quite a few enquiries for UPS maintenance contracts and services over the last week as existing uninterruptible power supply installations look to spend the remainder of their financial budget and/or existing service contracts end. One of the benefits of using a company like EcoPowerSupplies is that we can service and maintain a wide variety of uninterruptible power supplies. This comes from our extensive experience within the UPS industry and the service and installation of systems by our certified engineers over the last ten years.

When we are approached for a UPS contract there are a number of things that we have to establish prior to being able to quote. I list some of these below to provide a guide.

  1. UPS Make, Model and Serial Number: its important for us to know the brand, model number and serial number of the existing uninterruptible power supply. This way we can quickly establish if we have the engineering expertise, knowledge, training and authorisation to carry out service on the system. For example, EcoPowerSupplies have Riello UPS certified engineers within the team and are fully trained to carry out commissioning, installation, service and maintenance work on Riello UPS systems. We have access to spares, technical support and documentation, even for legacy out-of-manufacture systems. We can’t always maintain every system we are approached about but it is rare. The serial number helps us identify if the system is one we have sold or done work on in the past (through our maintenance database) and/or talk to the existing UPS manufacturer for information.
  2. UPS Accessories: we then need to understand what accessories were supplied and installed around the UPS system. For example, is there a separate battery pack or stand and when were the batteries last inspected, tested and serviced? We also need to identify if there is any existing fixed battery monitoring system in place. Secondly, we establish if the UPS has a separate wall or rack mounted maintenance bypass. This will help to isolate the UPS for service. Finally we need to understand what remote monitoring systems are in place for the UPS – is it installed with an SNMP, MODBUS/JBUS or Volt-free contact card.
  3. UPS Age and Service History: knowing the above information couple with the uninterruptible power supplies age and service history gives our service team a good ideas as the potential overall health of the UPS system. If we are in doubt we would normally recommend a free of charge site survey to assess the overall UPS state, condition of the batteries, fans, capacitors and overall environment.

Not every client can provide us with this information but it does help us to develop a good picture as to the overall suitability of the system to an EcoPowerSupplies UPS maintenance contract. We are then able to discuss the type of cover the client is looking for in terms of response times, technical support, labour and parts cover, and the number of preventative maintenance visits required (in or outside normal working hours). UPS maintenance contracts are vital to the overall health of an uninterruptible power supply which is a critical power device and contains consumable parts that must be replaced to maintain a systems overall viability.

For more information speak to one of our service team on 0800 210 0088 or request a free of charge UPS HealthCheck to ensure your uninterruptible power supply has the right UPS maintenance contract in place.

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