A UPS Site Survey Can Greatly Benefit Your Company

Before you have a UPS system installed, it’s very important to have a site survey done first. There is no way for a contractor to determine your exact needs without performing the survey and that could result in installing a system that is not sufficient for your business. The technician doing the site survey should have experience with UPS systems and data enters and they should be a certified electrician. Look for a company that has a good, sound reputation who can offer you a guarantee the job will be done right. They should provide you with an estimate for how much the survey will cost and then one for completing the job once the survey is done.

The UPS site survey for a new system will identify the load requirements for the UPS system and the LV switchgear and cabling requirements. It will also show the technician the requirements for remote monitoring and electrical infrastructure. The UPS site survey will also include a plan for installing the system. The plan will include the location of the UPS, the delivery route, power distribution and load characteristics.

The UPS site survey is the key to installing the system successfully and for having a UPS system that will fulfil the needs of your company. The whole point behind having this system installed is to protect your company but they can only help if the right system is used and if it is installed correctly. This is why it’s so important to find the right company to do the job.

A UPS site survey is not just for new installations. You can have a survey done to find out if you need to upgrade your system. As your business grows, your needs will change and this will have an effect on your current system. It may no longer be sufficient to carry the load and you don’t want to find out you needed an upgrade during a power outage.

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