An Energy Efficiency Audit Can Benefit Your Data Centre

When was the last time your datacentre had an energy efficiency audit? You may be wasting energy and not even know it if it’s been a while since the last time it was done or if you have never had an efficiency audit. Conserving energy is a vital part of going green and since it can take a lot of energy to run a business it’s vital that you save anywhere you can. In addition to helping conserve natural resources, saving energy can also help you save money. An efficiency audit is designed to help you locate areas in your datacentre where you’re wasting energy. It could be something as simple as leaving lights on when not in use to something more complex like using an outdated data centre that’s wasting energy.

You can perform an efficiency audit yourself to look for areas where you can save energy but you may find it more beneficial to hire a professional for the job, especially if you have a large datacentre facility. They know exactly what to look for and have the equipment and training to do a more inclusive audit. The tests they run will show where energy is being wasted and then the technicians will sit down and go over the audit with you. They will explain everything they found during the audit and provide you with the best solution for the problem. Some changes may be simple and easy to implement and others may require a more complicated solution such as updating your system.

The main thing is once the audit has been performed, you’ll know where your company is wasting energy and you can start making changes to fix the problems. You don’t have to do everything at once. You can start out small and work up to the larger, more expensive changes. Some of the things the technician will look at during the audit are ways to redistribute loads to provide a balanced electrical profile, installing energy management metering and software and switching to energy efficient lighting. They may also go over renewable energy solutions such as solar power that may benefit for your company or suggest that you install an energy monitoring system to help keep your energy usage under control.

The company you hire to perform the efficiency audit should be able to help you make the changes needed and some will even offer services to teach your staff ways to conserve energy in the workplace. Conserving energy is a big step in going green and that’s something that helps everyone.

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