Do You Need a Backup Generator for Your Business?

Do you need a backup generator for your business? For some business owners the answer is clear. For example, if you own a hotel, you need a generator to keep your refrigerators and freezers cold so your food supplies don’t ruin when the power goes out or support your uninterruptible power supplies and IT systems. Losing a whole inventory due to a power outage could be devastating for any business so having a generator is a necessity. Losing your IT systems will disrupt service and potentially cost your business thousands.

However, the need for a standby generator is not as clear for some companies. If you own a small home business where you work on your computer, you may believe you don’t need one. In this case, having a few hours of downtime may not really affect your company. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to ask yourself the following questions. These will help to determine just how beneficial having a backup generator would be for you personally. How would it affect your business if you shut down for a few hours? How would it affect you after a few days? Depending on the type of business you own, a few hours could cause serious problems but a few days could completely destroy your company. Generators give you a way to continue taking care of business as usual during a power outage. This helps to ensure that you don’t suffer any financial loss due to down time caused by an interruption of power.

Even if you already have a UPS system, you can still use a generator. The UPS system is designed to prevent your systems from shutting down abruptly causing damage during a power outage. This is just a temporary setup to give you time to shut down properly until the power is restored. However, if you have a generator, you can take this time to switch over to your backup power supply and continue doing business as usual. When you take everything into consideration and seriously consider how downtime will affect your company, it’ll help you determine if you need to invest in a backup generator for your business. If you can’t afford the downtime, don’t take any chances. Invest in a good backup generator for your company.

ECO Power Supplies can help you choose and install the best backup generator for your company so you can continue to do business as usual even during a power outage.

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