Choosing a Professional Solar Panel Installer

When it comes to solar power installers, not all of them are legally certified to meet the strict guidelines that MCS requires. Thamesgate installers are legally certified though MCS to complete the work required for your home or business.

The knowledgeable installers can recommend a system to fit your needs for residential and commercial buildings. A company representative will come to the building where a customer wishes to have solar panels installed and do a thorough survey of the building before recommending a system. If a customer chooses to purchase our services, our installers will efficiently install the renewable energy solutions in a timely manner.

Solar power is a clean environmentally friendly alterative to the ozone depleting fossil fuels that have been used for centuries. Fossil fuels are diminishing as the need for electric consumption reaches peak levels across the UK and the world, and the price of eclectic created with those fuels is increasing as well. Solar power is a cheaper alternative that is better for our environment as well.

Solar power is a renewable energy source but is not a new source. It has been around for centuries. However, within the past few decades it has grown in popularity.
The rays of the sun are collected in PV cells within large panels. These are then wired into a building’s main wire system to help produce electricity for that particular building. The PV cells can store this energy for use on cloudy days as well.

Excess energy that is created by solar panels can also be sold to the electrical suppliers. The Utility Company pays for every electrical unit generated. The Feed-In Tariff was enacted by the government to ensure this payment. The payment comes only for electricity generated by panels that were installed by an MCS certified installer such as Thamesgate.

When a customer chooses to our company, a knowledgeable project manager is assigned to them. This manager will oversee the daily progress of the project site. This project manager will provide contact to the customer on an ongoing basis while the project is in progress.

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