Choose the Right Size HVAC Unit for Your Business

Is your HVAC unit the right size for your business? If you’re not sure, it’s time to find out. Having the right size heating and cooling unit is lot more important than many people realize. The size of your unit will affect how much energy your business consumes. You could be wasting energy and not even realize it. The right size HVAC unit will function better and save on energy consumption.

Systems Too Large for Your Facility
Many times users think that a large unit will work better. They believe that it will cool better in the summer and heat better in the winter but this simply is not true. This is the one time that having more power could be hurting you instead of helping you. The larger the unit, the more energy it consumes but it’s not going to cool or heat your facility any better. For this reason, you’re simply wasting energy and money for your utility bill when you buy a HVAC unit larger than you need. It can also make the air in your facility more humid, which can make your employees and visitors feel sticky and uncomfortable.

Systems Too Small for Your Facility
Some users may think that buying a small unit will save energy but if it’s too small for your facility, it will have the opposite effect. The unit will have to work extra hard to get results. The harder it works the more energy it will use. Another problem with a HVAC unit that is too small is that it will wear out faster and you’ll have to maintain the system more often that you should.

If you’re not sure what size HVAC unit you need, call a professional to come out and inspect your data centre facility. The technician will be able to tell you what size system would best suit your needs. If you have the wrong size, seriously consider replacing it. Choosing the right size HVAC unit will save energy, money and it will ensure that the environment is a comfortable temperature for everyone who enters your facility. A properly sized HVAC system should be part of a wider approach to energy management to save you money and reduce your operating costs.

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