Creating a Stable Environment for Your Data Centre

The data centre is the brains of your operation, so it’s vital that you create a stable environment that allows your system to function at maximum capacity. This type of equipment is very sensitive. Therefore, even slight changes in the environment can make a difference in how well it functions. Humidity, smoke, dampness and temperature all affect the way your system works.

If the temperature of your data centre is too hot, then it will reduce the life span of your equipment but it needs to be warm enough to be comfortable for your employees to work. High humidity creates moisture in the air that converts to condensation, which can build up on the electrical wiring causing corrosion and failure. If the humidity is too low, then it can create static that interferes with the way this sensitive equipment performs.

Leaks from water pipes or air conditioning units can create a damp feeling in your data centre that can damage your equipment over time. Smoke is a problem because it’s usually the first sign of wires melting due to your system overheating. If you do not catch and correct this problem quickly, it could lead to a fire that damages your data centre and possibly even your whole facility.

Environment monitoring is the key to maintaining a stable environment for your data centre. Monitoring the equipment will alert you immediately if any of these problems appear. This gives you time to address the problem and make corrections before it becomes a big issue that could shut down operations.

No company, large or small can afford to have downtime. It completely disrupts the flow of business and puts you behind schedule making it difficult to get things running smoothly again. If you have to replace all the equipment, the cost can be devastating to your business. You can’t stop some things from happening but you can greatly reduce the risks of something major happening simply by monitoring the environment within your data centre. An environment monitoring system can help reduce downtime, prevent equipment failure and save your company money.

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