Why Data Centres Run Uninterruptable Power Supplies

Everyone who owns small computer components such as desktop computers or network pcs should have a backup for when the power goes out. No company can operate when there is a temporary power outage if there is no backup power supply. The ECO UPS (uninterruptable power supplies) are the perfect system for any small or large business that needs to keep running when the electricity is off. The following are ways that UPS systems are beneficial to companies:

  • *Small Businesses: small businesses that have one server and two to four desktop computers and a router should have a UPS power supply. Some of these installations can be considered to be small data centres themselves or the small businesses can host their servers, rented from ‘Cloud’ computing suppliers running far larger data centre environments. This can save data loss when the desktops are backing up to the server and there is a loss of electricity. It can also mean an unstoppable flow of work even when bad weather or other issues causes a loss of electricity.
  • Eco-Friendly: all of the uninterruptible power supplies are fully eco-friendly and run on batteries that can last up to five years. When they are ready to be replaced, they are disposed of in the eco-friendly manner. These can also be shut down remotely for when there is not a need for electricity. This means longer battery life because they last longer when they are not used at unnecessary times.
  • Large Companies: large companies want to have a power backup system that offers more electricity than these small UPS’s but they can still benefit from them. They are perfect for keeping smaller components such as modems, routers and other vital small electronics up and running. They can also be used in the IT department for small servers or desktop computers that are vital to the organisation.

No area in any country is safe from power outages but that does not mean that work has to stop or that critical computer components should be affected. An uninterruptable power supply can keep power running to virtual terminals or servers so that businesses do not lose money. Finally, this type of ECO UPS system is considered eco-friendly and offers an inexpensive and lifetime supply of power when batteries are replaced through ECO Power Supplies.

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