Backup Power for your Datacentre

If you run a datacentre, you know how important it is to keep your datacentre online. This is why a datacentre UPS system is very important. There are several types of UPS systems for your datacentre and part of the process is determining which one is right for your needs and how to get it all set up. Usually they are either online (VFI) or transformerless-based.

Transformerless UPS gives you a more compact footprint and more operating efficiency. These are often made to run up to around 200kVA. This means they can be extended through typically up to eight units in an N+x configuration. This is very useful for datacentres that need to provide backup power to their entire centre.

Transformer-based backup power supplies usually run from 10-800kVA and parallel operation is possible up to 6MVA. When there is a high degree of electrical pollution in the datacentre, transformer-based UPS is preferred. They are more robust and will hold up better in these situations.
Datacentre UPS can be installed within the datacentre. Transformerless UPS operate at a high switching level which gives less audio output, reducing noise. Transformer-based UPS is usually installed in another location such as a battery room or a plant room.

If you have questions about which is right for your needs, how it will be installed or how to have a more eco friendly UPS or backup power for your datacentre, then it’s best to contact a professional who can help you in these matters. Just because you need your datacentre to operate 24/7 doesn’t mean you cannot take proper steps to try to reduce excess pollution as much as possible.

A full site survey is recommended for datacentre UPS. This is to make sure you get a clean, first time install a proper electrical connection and that the overall system works properly and is optimized. We can help you with this at Eco Power Supplies.

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