Why Diesel Generators Can Be Environmentally Friendly

When the oil crisis in the 70s raised the price of petrol, diesel engines for personal vehicles were manufactured because of the lower fuel price. The problem with diesel is that it did not burn very clean and would leave an oily residue on the cars, trucks and vans. Because of this, companies worked diligently to make this fuel burn cleaner and to keep the toxic level of the emissions lower. Petrol on the other hand has not had the measures taken even though they emit much more harmful toxins into the air.

Today, diesel fuel burns much cleaner in vehicles, but what about standby generators? Which are more environmentally friendly, petrol or diesel generators? These are very important questions as businesses are using both types of generators as backups to their main power supplies. Not only are businesses using them, but many people buy backup generators for their homes in case of power outages. So what is a better choice to keep the carbon footprint down when using a generator during times when there is no electricity?

Most new generator engines are made in a similar fashion as vehicle engines and this means that they are fuel injected rather than using the old carburettor. In both instances this is a cleaner way to get the fuel mixed with air before it combusts to turn the pistons which creates the electricity. Since the cleanup of diesel fuel, it actually runs much cleaner and does not emit many harmful toxins and does not leave the oily residue as the diesel fuel of the past would. It is a much cleaner fuel today than petrol and still offers savings as an added bonus.

When it comes to a choice between a petrol or diesel backup generator, the diesel types are much better and safer for the environment. They can also be much more cost effective to run and maintain which means a great deal to companies that need to get a great deal of power from their backup generators. ECO Power Supplies offers a wide variety of generators to fit the need of any company from a single until to multiple units that can handle heavy electrical loads.

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