Do You Need to Replace Your UPS Battery?

A UPS will only work for you if the battery is up to date and in working condition. The Uninterrupted Power Supply system or UPS, provides protection to your computer and other systems in the event of a power surge. This is very important in a business environment or for anyone who works from remotely.

If the battery is old or not charging correctly, there’s a good chance your uninterruptible power supply won’t work for you when you need it to. Maintenance is very important and this includes knowing when and if you need to replace the battery. Since many people just don’t know how to change these batteries out for themselves or when it’s time to, you can call a professional UPS systems installer to help.

If your UPS has stopped working or is over a certain number of years old (lifespan of the battery should be stated in the manual) then you know it’s time to get it checked out. There’s no reason to buy a brand new UPS when all you need is a new battery to get things up and running again.

How old is the battery in your UPS system? There is a good chance your important data is vulnerable if you do not have an up-to-date battery in your system. If you’re not sure if you need to replace the battery or not, contact a professional to have it checked out. Other benefits to hiring a professional to do it are that you know the work is insured and you are free from risk of messing something up while changing the battery.

So don’t wait until the battery is completely gone; get some help today if you think you need to change your UPS battery.

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