What Makes a Product Eco-Friendly?

With the phrase eco-friendly tossed around quite a bit in recent years, many people may have forgotten (or never knew) what it actually means. It’s been used for so many different products as the latest buzz word on commercials and across social networks the real meaning may be in danger of becoming lost. Eco-friendly literally means that it is not harmful to the environment. Products that are eco-friendly prevent contributing to the earth’s land, air and water pollution. They may also help to conserve resources such as water and energy.

Making an Eco-Friendly Product
An eco-friendly product is one that keeps the environment in mind as well as being safe for humans. It must be non-toxic, and frequently uses sustainably grown ingredients that are made in ways that don’t deplete the ecosystem. The materials or organic ingredients used should be grown without pesticides, and are often made from recycled materials such as wood, metal, glass or plastic that is used from waste products and turned into something new.

Eco-Friendly Materials
An example of eco-friendly material is bamboo. Bamboo is a natural fibre and is an excellent alternative to paper or wood that does not require any fertilizers or pesticides. It can be recycled and used as compost that fertilizes the next crop of bamboo. Its cultivation also results in a decrease in greenhouse gases as no harmful pesticides are used when it is grown. Organic cotton is another example of eco-friendly material. It’s often used to make apparel, and is produced without pesticides, genetically engineered crops or agrochemicals.

Eco-Friendly Practices
Eco-friendly products should be made by businesses that have eco-friendly practices such as company-wide recycling programs and those that practice conservation of natural resources. If you’d like to help make your business or household more eco-friendly.

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