Energy Saving Tips for Heating and Cooling Your IT Facility

It’s vital that you keep your facility warm in the winter and cool in the summer for the comfort of both your employees and your visitors. It’s a well-known fact that employees will be more productive when they are comfortable and it’s important to make a good impression with visitors. Therefore, you need a suitable environment where they can relax and be comfortable.

However, heating and cooling your facility is one of the biggest expenses a company has. Professionals estimate that most HVAC systems use somewhere between 35 to 45 percent of the electricity your business consumes. The good news is that you can cut back on your energy consumption and still maintain a comfortable facility.Here are a few energy saving tips for heating and cooling your facility that can really make a difference.

Reduce the Workload
There are several ways that you can reduce the workload for your HVAC system stating with lowing your thermostat in the winter and raising it a few degrees in the summer. This takes some of the strain off the system reducing the run time but your facility will still be comfortable for the average person.

Other options include making sure that your facility has the proper amount of insulation and that you have energy efficient windows to help maintain a comfortable temperature. You can also install energy efficient lighting because they emit less heat, which will help to keep your facility cooler so the air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard.

Upgrade Your System
If you have an old HVAC system in your facility, it’s probably using twice the energy it should and it’s probably not doing a very good job of maintaining a comfortable environment. Heating and cooling units have evolved considerably throughout the years. Replacing your unit may seem expensive but when you consider the savings in your utility bill, it will pay for itself in a short period and you’ll continue to enjoy the benefits for many years. Upgrading your system is a great investment that will save energy and provide better service.

Schedule Regular Maintenance Checks
To save energy and money, your system needs to be functioning at full capacity. When you have worn parts, the system will have to work harder to achieve the same results. Scheduling regular maintenance checks will help keep your system working like new. You can replace old parts before they break which will reduce the strain on the system and help to extend the life of the unit. The technician can also tell you if it’s time to get a new unit. Visit ECO Power Supplies for more great energy management and saving ideas that can help your company conserve energy and save money.

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