Energy Storage Systems For Commercial Use

Energy storage solutions for naturally derived power have been important to the advancement of the usability of environmentally friendly energy as the world searches for ways to reduce dependence of non renewable energy sources. The ability to store the environmentally friendly energy to be used on an as needed basis has greatly increased the efficiency of renewable energy sources. Consumers no longer have to depend on the sun shining brightly for solar energy, but can rely on the power generated during the day being available after the sun goes down to reduce dependence on other sources for energy. If the wind dies down or changes direction, the power harnessed from wind turbines and directed to batteries to be stored can be relied on.

Battery packs charged by a wind turbine or solar panel can be used in residential and commercial settings. They offer scalable power, so that the volts, amps and current can match almost any requirement. Homeowners, businesses and the government are able to reduce dependence on dirty fossil fuels that may soon run out and instead use the power that has previously been harvested from natural sources.

Fuel cells are also used to provide power in many applications, much like batteries do. While the energy used in batteries can become depleted and need to be recharged on a regular basis, a fuel cell works differently. It will never run out of the ability to provide power as long as the cell is fed with a continuous supply of oxygen and fuel.

One of the main obstacles to exploring the use of environmentally friendly energy harvested from the sun and the wind was the inability to store the power so that it could be used when and where it was needed. The problem of moving the energy from where it was collected to where it was needed also was a problem that made energy storage seem like a low priority project. As sources of non renewable fuels face shortages and the price for these energy sources became more expensive, solar energy and wind power became more attractive for the consumer and a renewed interest made technical advances in energy storage possible.

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