Going Green from the Roof Down

Once Eco Power Supplies has worked with you to convert your energy needs to renewable resources, there are still other options to cut down even further on your use of energy. The amount of energy used to heat or cool your building can be reduced with a green roof.

Types Of Green Roofs
There are four types of green roofs that residential and commercial properties can install to make an impact on their energy usage and the surrounding environment. They all involve different levels of maintenance, which can be as important of a factor as the decision to strengthen the structure to support the garden in the first place.

Extensive Green Roof Systems
The shallow substrate of the extensive green roof means that this is a light weight option. Irrigation won’t be required in normal weather conditions because it is planted with hardy plant species and succulents. The ecological covering is low maintenance because the plants will thrive with few added nutrients. The life cycle of the extensive green roof has cost benefits to the property owner as well as ecological benefits.

Biodiverse Roof Systems
If you are trying to lure nature to reclaim an area that has been interfered with because development, the bio diverse roof system can replicate the original footprint. It can also be used to enhance the previous habitat. It has a similar composition of the extensive green roof system; the habitat is specifically designed to bring back the animals and plants that previously made the area their office. Brown roofs, which are a version of green roofs but without the vegetation, are included in the bio diverse roof system category. The growing medium will be selected according to the type of plant species that you are encouraging to grow.

Semi-intensive Green Roof Systems
Characteristics both bio diverse and extensive fall into the Semi-intensive green roof category. The maintenance requirements and irrigation needs will depend on the type of plants that are used. The substrate is deeper; meaning a wider choice of plants can be planted.

Intensive Green Roof Systems
Often called roof gardens, the intensive green roof system offers the benefits of a domestic garden or small park. They need regular irrigation and maintenance.

There are so many ways to develop a green organisation and save energy. At ECO Power Supplies can help you to design and install the right power and energy solution for your application.

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