How Modular UPS Provide An Easy Upgrade Path

Eaton 93PM Modular UPS Systems

With most hardware within an IT environment modular, it’s nice to know that the same is possible with an uninterruptible power supply. The Eaton 93PM, recently launched in the UK is a fully scalable UPS system. The smallest system comes at 30KW and can be expanded to a 200kW UPS that can be paralleled to achieve even larger systems.

The Eaton 93PM Modular UPS System can support a ‘Pay as you grow’ strategy to minimise spend on the initial CapEx. What’s important is to choose a maintenance bypass size that will support you forecast final size and then to install an initial UPS module or modules. Further UPS modules can then be added to meet future expansion. The system uses Eaton’s ‘Hot Sync’ technology that is wireless and allows for internal redundancy to ensure maximum availability.

The Eaton 93PM UPS is also very efficient. Designed to today’s demanding datacentre environments, the 93PM can reach 97% operating efficiency in double conversion on-line mode. This can extend to 99% when the UPS is run in ‘Energy Saving System’ (ESS). The system features two lines of LEDs to provide a quick ‘in-row’ visual assessment of its operating status with Green: OK, Amber: service and Red: alarm condition. The unique thermal design of the Eaton 93PM cabinet also allows the UPS to be installed against a wall, in rows and in hot/cold aisle configurations.

For remote communications and network integration, the 93PM comes with Web and Standard interfaces as standard. The Eaton Intelligent Power software integrates the system further in virtualised environments for monitoring and management. The front panel LCD is also unique featuring a ‘touch-screen’ interface and visual data logging.

Rating Runtime Description WxDxHmm NettKg SKU
30kW 20m 93PM-30(50)-BB-6×9Ah 560×914×1876 890 P-105000007-005
40kW 15m 93PM-40(50)-BB-6×9Ah 560×914×1876 890 P-105000007-020
50kW 10m 93PM-50(50)-BB-6×9Ah 560×914×1876 890 P-105000007-034
50kW 0m* 93PM-50(100)-N+1 560×914×1876 338 P-105000011-001
80kW 0m* 93PM-80(100) 560×914×1876 338 P-105000011-005
100kW 0m* 93PM-100(100) 560×914×1876 338 P-105000011-009
100kW N+1 0m* 93PM-100(150)-N+1 560×914×1876 438 P-105000014-001
120kW 0m* 93PM-120(150) 560×914×1876 438 P-105000014-005
150kW 0m* 93PM-150(150) 560×914×1876 438 P-105000014-009
150kW N+1 0m* 93PM-150(200)-N+1 760×914×1876 556 P-105000016-001
160kW 0m* 93PM-160(200) 760×914×1876 556 P-105000016-002
200kW 0m* 93PM-200(200) 760×914×1876 556 P-105000016-003

Notes:* batteries housed in a separate battery cabinet.

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