Is Your Business Prepared For Mains Power Failures

When the power goes out businesses are often unprepared. To some business owners it just doesn’t occur to them to prepare for evacuating employees or having a backup system in place for delicate computer systems that could be damaged by mains power supply failures, or even power quality issues when he mains power supply is present.

Consider if you are working on a very important file on your desktop PC or the local network file server suddenly loses all electrical power. The computer is shut down with no warning and you could lose not only the file you were working on but any other files that are open at the time.

Investing in uninterruptible power supplies, and sometimes for extended runtimes, standby power generators can prevent such issues and help a business prepare for a more thorough business continuity plan.

Another problem with mains power supply failures trying to evacuate employees through the building without anyone getting hurt or falling. This is where emergency lighting systems come in handy. Schools and hospitals usually have emergency lighting and backup standby power generators for such instances. Most buildings are required to have emergency lighting systems by law.

Installing power protection can make a big difference to business continuity, even during a mains power failure. Uninterruptible power supplies can also help to reduce the wear and tear on critical IT systems and protect them from mains borne pollution and power quality issues.

The larger the computer installation, the more important and vital it becomes to install UPS systems in particular. This runs true for any installation, from a domestic PC to a server cabinet, comms rooms and large datacenter. Not only do UPS systems help to guarantee the continued working of critical IT data processing systems, but they can also ensure the health & safety of the people concerned.

At ECO Power Supplies we size, install and maintain a wide variety of power protection solutions, including Uninterruptible Power Supplies and standby power solutions. Contact us today to arrange a site survey and see how mains power supply failures can be removed as business risk by our UPS systems.

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