Power Management Systems for Your Office

Rising fuel and electrical costs now place a heavier burden on organisations to manage their spend on energy. At the same time an increasing reliance on IT systems means that every additional piece of kit added to an existing file server set-up has to be added in a controlled manner. Energy and power monitoring are therefore vital functions that can ensure the smooth and cost-controlled running of any organisation.

Managing power within an office environment is just as crucial as within a datacenter installation because a tripped circuit breaker can cause disruption to an entire office complex and bring down their telecoms and IT applications. The situation can be worse within older buildings with a poorly documented electrical infrastructure.

With ISO50001 coming into force as a de facto energy efficiency and management standard, there is now more call for power management systems that can help organisations to manage their power. Such power management systems are not just concerned with monitoring electrical efficiency but also the timing of power usage, looking for peaks and troughs during the working day, and even on a 24-hour site basis.

Power management systems allow an energy or IT manager to monitor and control their electrical power usage, from the building incomer to the final point of distribution, which may be a wall socket, fused-spur or socket within a power distribution unit (PDU). At ECO Power Supplies, we help organisations implement the right power management solutions for their applications and IT systems.

In addition our team of energy and power consultants can also help to identify areas for power quality improvements. This can help to have an indirect bearing on the running costs of your organisation as mains pollution (spikes, sags, surges and brownouts) can cause early component failure. A mains power supply failure can off course bring a business to an entire standstill, resulting in thousands of pounds in lost revenue.

Power management within an entire office and complex works. It can save time, money and unnecessary system downtime.

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