On Site Power Projects Management

When you decide to use a professional on site power projects management team for your ECO power protection or renewable energy project there are many aspects to consider. This is where a dedicated projects manager will be of benefit to you. No matter how large or small your project you want someone who can be on call to see it through from start to finish, who will be responsible for your initial site survey, documentation, quotation and specification, through to the final build of your ‘turn-key’ solution and its hand-over and ongoing maintenance.

Because your project manager is essentially your representative for your project they can attend meetings, arrange site surveys, assess project requirements and oversee the activity of the project. Each small detail of a project from efficiency and size to location and fuel sources will be customized to your location and your project. The account manager takes care of scheduling inspections, hiring and dealing with sub-contractors, electrical contractors and suppliers to get your project completed on time and within your budget.

Many homes and businesses are interested in going green, and promoting a more ECO-friendly lifestyle. Many of the changes required are simple, but when you begin looking at alternative and renewable energy products, electrical projects and backup power you want a professional to handle the details. After all do you know how to repair or refurbish your equipment? How about removal and recycling of heating and cooling systems? Eco power supplies can provide you with a dedicated account manager, who is a specialist and professional at handling these types of projects.

It may be all the rage to do-it-yourself, but unless you have the experience and knowledge necessary to make your eco-friendly changes, it may turn into a case of a lot of wasted expense on doing it yourself and then paying a professional to take care of your mess. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you will save money on a power project unless you are a qualified electrical contractor and renewable energy installer in that area.

At ECO Power Supplies we specialise in power and energy management, installing uninterruptible power supplies and renewable energy solutions into critical datacenter environments as well as other types of building – namely public sector hospitals, emergency services and local government offices. As part of the Thamesgate Group we can provide a full-in house service including electrical contracting and ongoing maintenance plans.

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