Large Power Systems Must Have Load Bank Testing

Any company that has a large power system can lose millions if the power goes out. Load bank testing is the best way to ensure that this never happens. This does not just test the main system but also tests any backup systems that are in use. This testing is done by an engineer who tests every aspect by running a dummy charge through the UPS and generator systems to make sure every aspect can handle critical loads when the mains are down. This is not the only tests that load bank testing offers:

  • Load Test Simulation: this ensures the integrity of all aspects of the electrical system. Without it, the systems could all fail.
  • Battery Tests – When using a battery backup it is vital that they have regular discharge testing. This also allows companies to see the discharge time that they have to fix the issues before the batteries run out.
  • Mobile Banks: this allows for the monitoring and testing of remote locations. Money is saved because the engineers can run the test from the main plant without travelling to the remote ones.
  • Pre-Determined Testing: these tests can be run during the normal business hours or can be done when the workday is completed. Each site can have its own pre-determined time for the tests.
  • Controlled Tests: controlled tests are the most important because these provide the most feedback on the systems stability. This testing type also provides documentation that can be given to those in power to show the effectiveness of the system.

So why is all this testing necessary? What benefit does it offer the company and is all of this environmentally safe?

  • Is Testing Necessary?: tes, it is vital to the proper operation of any company. Without a stable power supply and backup power a company can be halted indefinitely until the situation is resolved.
  • What Benefits Does Testing Offer: the benefit is the knowledge of exactly what can be expected from a backup power supply. If using batteries, the length that they can be used effectively is fully disclosed.
  • Environmental Issues – Because the electrical systems are working at the best capacities, there is no over usage. This keeps the carbon footprint the company creates to a minimum for the industry.

Without load bank testing a company could find itself without power. Testing ensures that all systems are running properly and there are no issues. Thamesgate’s ECO Power Supplies division can set up load bank testing system that is environmentally sound and that keeps operations running smoothly.

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