Professional Installation of Solar Panels Makes a Difference

Saving money is something that we’ve all been taught over the years. Some do this by clipping coupons while others cut back on purchasing extravagances. Then there are some who choose to complete do-it-yourself jobs around the home instead of contacting a professional. Although this is ideal for doing things such as installing a new sink or fixing a hole in the wall, it is not a good idea when installing solar panels.

Solar panels delicate and therefore should be handled by a trained professional. Panels can easily crack, scratch, or break during installation. If this happens the installer can replace the panel that was broken during installation at no cost to you. If you break it then you have to pay for a new one. MCS professionals are specifically trained to meet the strict installation guidelines that are in place to insure that the job is done correctly. Only when installed correctly will your Solar PV give you the most it can in safe, reliable, clean energy. Should a panel be installed wrong or become broken during installation, you will not be able to gain the max amount of energy that the system can provide you with.

Many people who have Solar Panels also sign up for and receive the Feed-In Tariff. The only way this can occur is if the panels have been installed by a MCS professional. If you try and succeed to do it yourself you can be assured that you will not earn the Feed-In Tariff. Solar PV installed by MCS professionals is a requirement.

So put away your tools and contact Thamesgate to schedule you professional installation today for you Solar PV. Don’t risk losing out on the Feed-In Tariff or not getting the most from your solar panel system. Imagine how you and your family would feel if you found that you had cut yourself short because you insisted on a saving a few dollars. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to spend a few dollars in order to save more than a few in the future?

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