Reviewing The Sentinel Pro UPS Range

Riello Sentinel Pro 1kVA UPS System

The Sentinel Pro is a single-phase, on-line double conversion uninterruptible power supply manufactured by Riello UPS with models available from 700VA to 3kVA. At EcoPowerSupplies we believe this UPS range to be one of the most versatile on the market when it comes to extended runtimes and on-line power protection performance.

As an on-line UPS system, the inverter is designed and sized for continuous running. This makes the Riello Sentinel Pro UPS ideal for loads that required extended battery runtimes that can run to several hours. The UPS range includes models with standard built-in chargers and batteries, and extended runtime variants (ER) with a larger charger inside the UPS to which external battery extension packs must be added. The rule of thumb for battery recharge is to achieve an 80% recharge within 24 hours and the larger charger models of this uninterruptible power supply range allow this limit to be safely reached. This is important as most power breaks occur as a series of micro or extended breaks over a few minutes or hours.

As an online uninterruptible power supply, the UPS has an internal automatic bypass system. This activates to provide a safe-failure-to-mains if the UPS develops a fault or is overloaded, without disruption to the load. Another benefit of this type of UPS is that it can be installed with a ‘plug-and-play’ or hardwired external bypass switch. The external maintenance bypass allows the UPS to be easily isolated and removed or swapped out, again without disruption to the load.

From an electrical performance point of view the Riello Sentinel Pro UPS also provides a superior electrical output than line interactive UPS. The system has a wide input voltage window and can work down to 140Vac without having to draw on battery power to support the load. The Output voltage and frequency are also tightly regulated to provide a pure sinewave, regulated and stabilised output supply.

Intelligent features built-into the UPS include an informative front panel LCD that can provide operating status and alarm information as well as load and battery charge percentages. In terms of configurability and eco energy saving features, the Sentinel Pro can be run in economy mode at almost 98% efficiency, smart active (where the UPS decides whether to run in ECO or online UPS mode), standby/off (ideal for emergency lighting) and as a pure frequency converter.

As a Riello UPS reseller, EcoPowerSupplies provides a complete 3 year warranty with the UPS system and an extended runtime table lists the various battery backup times available from this type of uninterruptible power supply.

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