Riello UPS Multipower

Riello MPW Range

Riello UPS enriches Multi Power offer adding new features and options on the product portfolio. Multi Power becomes more and more suitable to satisfy any specific need in the challenging data centre environment. Particularly Multipower global offer includes now:
•Power Module 25 kW
•Energy saving​

- Power Module 25 kW and associate Cabinet PWC 130 (5x PM25)

PM25 comes with its dedicated power cabinet (named PWC 130) conceived to accommodate up to 5x PM 25 (125 kW). Up to four complete Power Cabinets can be connected in parallel, increasing the capacity and redundancy from 125 kW up to 500 kW. Key components as well as user interface (display and communication ports) are exactly the same used and available for existing solutions based on PM 42 and associated Power/Combo cabinets.

- Energy Saving

“Energy Saving” is now implemented as selectable system operating mode for any MPW solution (Power or Combo Cabinet with PM25 or PM42). The UPS provides the highest level of power protection keeping the system in ON-LINE operation (Inverter supplying the load) and granting the redundancy level set. Accordingly with the load level, the control will automatically activate the required number of PM’s to supply the load, ensuring the highest level of efficiency.
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