Industrial Manufacturing and Processing Plants Need Robust Uninterruptable Power Supplies

Manufacturing or processing plants are not the first industries one would think of when it comes to uninterruptable power supplies. After all, those are made for data rooms and delicate computer equipment, right? Actually, those industries have more of a need and here’s why:

  • Computer Aided Manufacturing: there are very few manufacturing plants that do not rely heavily, if not solely, on computers on their assembly lines. Some of these processes are very delicate. If the power goes out, a flashlight and screwdriver cannot get the job done. Work stops and in some cases millions can be lost in a short amount of time on lost production.
  • Processing Plants: can you imagine what the cost of a steak would be if a major meat processing plant had a power outage? A long term loss of electricity would ruin every single piece of meat because these plants need to be kept at a constant temperature. When the temperature rises, the meat is no longer considered safe and consumers would pay the price.
  • Large Scale Manufacturing: the conveyor belts and other equipment used in large scale manufacturing is operated by computers. In order for every step to be completed in the necessary order, these computers must be operational. If just one computer is malfunctioning due to a power outage, the entire system breaks down too.

So yes, manufacturing and power plants have a huge need for their electricity to have a backup power supply. Without it, companies can lose a great deal of money and time wasted in labour costs and lack of production. Uninterruptible power supplies are vital for the day to day operations of any type of large scale manufacturing, computer aided manufacturing or processing plants which is why Thamesgate offers them in large scale. There is a great deal of money on the line and if the computers or other equipment suffer from a power outage, then the production line stops. Having robust, purpose designed industrial UPS can keep all equipment running even if the electricity is off due to weather or other issues that would cause a mains power supply failure.

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