Save Money with Energy Monitoring

With the rising costs of electricity all over the world, it can be difficult finding ways to save money on this necessary bill. Since most companies cannot simply run without electricity, there are ways that can at least help keep the costs down. When an electric main becomes dirty or is not operating correctly, it can increase the power usage. This is where energy monitoring and power management systems can be relied upon to help with these savings.

An energy monitoring system is basically what the name implies as it monitors the amount of power that is used and alerts when there is a spike in usage. This allows business owners to check their mains, breaker boxes and other electrical components to see if there are any issues. Because of this, any repairs can be made immediately without any spikes in electric usage and that means a lower profit margin. Without this system, a business owner may not even know there is an issue until they see the higher electric bill. There are tools that are needed for effective power management systems:

  • Intelligent Power Distribution Units and Smart Meters: using one or both of these tools allows business owners to see their power usage and the cost of running their business. The software that comes with both products show exactly where the most power is being used and ultimately where savings can be made.
  • Static and Automatic Transfer Switches: these switches are connected to the electrical mains and allow for electricity to be off in areas where it is not needed. They can either operate automatically or can have a manual operation. They also allow users to transfer power from the main electrically supply or a backup power supply like a generator or solar panels.

It is vital for companies to maintain eco-friendly ways to keep their power usage down. It also helps with the overhead that is used for this purpose. Knowing exactly when there is an issue with the mains or being able to switch from the main power supply to a backup power supply is vital to saving energy and the professionals at Thamesgate and ECO Power Supplies understand this need.

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