Understanding Solar Panel Technologies

Many of us already know that a solar panel is a great choice for our offices but not everyone knows much about the solar panel and how it really works. Basically, a solar panel is a device that converts light from the sun into electricity. They are put on the roofs of building that face the sun. To understand how solar panels work, it’s important to understand what these panels are made from.

The solar panel is actually a collection of solar cells that all work together to generate electricity directly from the visible light that comes from the sun. This is called the photoelectric effect. This is the name that is used to describe what occurs when light shines onto a special type of material that absorbs photons but releases electrons.

Solar cells are based on the physics of semiconductors. These are a class of materials such as carbon, silicon and germanium that conduct electricity. This makes them good for the control of an electrical current, which is why they are used in solar cells of solar panels.
If you’ve ever used a solar powered calculator, then you’ve seen how the process works, but on a smaller scale. These have been around for a very long time but now we are seeing solar cells work on a larger scale, such as for powering buildings. Many cities are also using solar panels to operate street lights.

Another thing that some people do not know about solar panels is that direct sunlight is not needed. While it can help power the cells more quickly, UV light can still penetrate through the clouds. This is why you can get sunburned on a cloudy day. So this means that enough UV light will get through during the day to charge the cells and last for a very long time. Solar panels have to be placed so that they get the most UV light as possible, however. If you need help with your solar panels, Eco Power Supplies can help you with your options.

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