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UPS Maintenance

EcoPowerSupplies provides free UPS site surveys across the UK and Eire. We offer this alongside another of our popular services, free UPS Health checks. The quality of a UPS site survey varies between UPS companies and depends upon a range of factors including the experience, training and certification of the personnel carrying out the survey and the overall company infrastructure.

When a client invests in a UPS system it forms part of their critical power infrastructure and so it is vital to ensure that the right solution is installed and maintained to ensure years’ of resilient power. The following article provides some information on what to cover in a UPS site survey whether you have an existing installation or are looking at a new one.

Why You Might Need A UPS Site Survey

When we are first asked to provide a survey we first establish if the site visit is to discuss an existing uninterruptible power supply or a future project. Where a site has an existing UPS system we can be asked to survey in order to:

  • Identify UPS maintenance requirements
  • Inspect the UPS battery, capacitors and fans for testing and replacement
  • Improve existing power protection system resilience and security
  • Advise on network connectivity and remote monitoring systems
  • Advise on how to improve the site’s electrical energy efficiency
  • Assess the site in terms of UPS position, ambient, dust and water ingress
  • Scale-up to meet growth demands based on current kVA/kW loads
  • Review for a system relocation
  • Review for a system removal and relocation
  • Review for a system removal, disposal and recycling

During the UPS site survey our projects team will also assess existing electrical switchgear and UPS maintenance bypass arrangements, and connection to existing standby power generators if on-site.

Useful information to have to hand when calling us to request a UPS site survey includes: the uninterruptible power supplies manufacturer name, range brand name, model and serial numbers. It can also be useful to know the date the UPS uninterruptible power supply was installed and its operational history and current maintenance contract arrangement.

Future UPS Projects

The EcoPowerSupplies projects team regularly attends meetings to advise on UPS installations for new build, green field or brown field data centre sites. New installations can arise as a result of a failed uninterruptible power supply or simply the need to upgrade to a larger or more energy efficient systems. The project scope may include the removal and disposal of an existing system as well as covering a number of factors for the power continuity plan:

  • Forecast load (kVA/kW), N+X resilience and battery runtime
  • Future proof stand-alone or three phase modular UPS systems approach
  • Energy efficiency and load profile targets
  • Electrical switchgear and power distribution arrangements and works
  • Site characteristics, space, environment and security access
  • Risk Assessments and Method Statement (RAMS) requirements
  • Delivery, logistics, siting and positioning of the new system
  • Factory or on-site witness testing and load bank testing
  • Network connectivity and remove monitoring
  • Commissioning and system handover
  • UPS maintenance contracts
  • UPS spares access
  • Finance arrangements – Critical Power as a Service

UPS Site Survey Forms and Generic RAMS

The outcome of a UPS site survey should be a comprehensive document that provides the necessary information from which to generate a proposal and quotation. The site survey is very much a fact finding visit and part of our project scoping.

At EcoPowerSupplies we have created a UPS site survey form that is based on over 30 years experience within the uninterruptible power supplies and electrical contracting industries. The form is updated whenever we find a new factor that should be covered and this can happen within such a rapidly expanding market place such as the datacentre and IT industry. A copy of our UPS Site Survey Form is available on request and the completed form is made available as part of project proposal.

During the UPS Site Survey we will also assess various aspects of the project in terms of our management systems (Quality, Health & Safety and Environment) and cover with the client, contractor, reseller or consultant any site-specific issues. If these are not covered under our generic Risk Assessments and Method Statements, we provide site-specific RAMS for the project.

For more information on our UPS site surveys please call us direct on 0800 210 0088 or complete our UPS Site Survey form.

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