Wind Turbines Generate Clean Power

The energy that the wind provides has been used by humans since the first sail propelled a water craft. They have been used to pump water and grind grain in remote locations. Over the centuries wind power has been harnessed as adapted for use as technologies improved and more applications for its use have been invented.

As energy from fossil fuels made the production of power for more convenient and affordable, the interest in energy decreased. It was not until non renewable fuels became more expensive to the consumer that the use of wind as a power source gained interest and people again began exploring ways to make the greatest use of natural breezes by improving wind turbines.

People generally think of Dutch wind mills or modern day wind farms when they think of wind turbines. When considering environmentally friendly and renewable energy for use in the home or business, they usually think of solar power. The fact is that small wind turbines can be used as a source of power to light a commercial business, a home and even a boat.

A rooftop wind generator is actually a wind turbine. It uses the same technology that larger wind turbines, just on a smaller scale. The mechanics of the wind turbine are basic. The propeller blades and hub are referred to as the rotor. This is connected to a generator that produces elected current. The current can be sent through an inverter where it is modified for immediate use. Power can also be directed to a battery bank so that it will be available for use in the future.

Wind turbines are a good solution when energy is needed in a remote location and access to the power grid is not an option. But even if the location offers a convenient and reliable source of the electrical energy that the consumer requires, the environmental benefits that harnessing the wind provides is a good reason to explore the construction of a wind turbine for a home or business. When the renewable resource of the natural breezes are collected, it reduces the global use of fossil fuels, and this can be the top reason that many people are interested in using wind turbines for use on a small scale.

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