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Canara Battery Monitoring Systems

Canara Battery Monitoring Systems

The Canara Battery Monitoring System is designed to help datacentre and facilities managers to monitor the critical power battery sets within their installations, prevent downtime and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

The system is designed to operate alongside critical power systems on a 24/7 basis and provide local and cloud-based information from which customers can identify failing battery blocks, trends and operational performance. The system has a 100% uptime record and Canara is a leader within the UPS and battery monitoring field. The Canara Battery Monitoring system forms part of our Critical Power Services for UPS, DC standby power systems and batteries, including eco-friendly recycling and disposal.

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Canara is innovative and provides the most comprehensive battery monitoring information available today. The system is easy to install or retrofit and can be used to monitor batteries in UPS, DC power plant, generators and switchgear systems. The battery monitoring device captures more performance data than any other system and provides a true overall picture of an entire battery system and its individual battery strings and blocks.

The Canara battery monitoring system is extremely flexible and can integrate data from other battery monitoring solutions which can be viewed on the Canara Connect software suite.