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EcoPowerSupplies are approved Power Control and Borri UPS Resellers. Power Control Ltd (formerly known as Borri UK Ltd) is one of the fastest growing uninterruptible power solutions companies in the UK with strong links to one of the leading European Italian-based manufacturers, Borri SpA.

Power Control operates from a purpose-built facility in the UK including sales, service, operations, witness testing, warehouse and a full-stock of UPS systems up to 400kVA. The company was responsible for introducing the Borri brand into the UK market place in 2009 and the brand has grown into one of the most popular commercial UPS solutions within a wide range of industries.

Power Control is recognised as a total projects company, providing a complete design, implementation and onsite deliver services including comprehensive UPS maintenance contracts with up to 4 clock hour response – nationwide.

The Power Control promise is to ensure that all its UPS solutions are designed and manufactured to the highest engineering standards. The company only supplies solutions that are 100% fit-for-purpose and works with its clients to ensure the right solution is chosen for the environment, loads and application

Borri SpA UPS

Borri UPS

Borri is one of the leading Italian-based European UPS manufacturers offering both commercial and industrial UPS solutions. Their UPS systems are resilient, high efficiency and run up to 12.8MVA. Power Control and Borri have a close-working relationship with full engineering, technical assistance and design support. Clients are invited to visit the Borri SpA factory in for inspection and witness testing.

Uninterruptible Power Solutions

C60800VA-2000VALine Interactive Desktop Tower UPS
1000VA-2000VALine Interactive Desktop Tower UPS
1-3kVAOnline Rotation Dual format Tower or Rack Mount UPS with extended runtimes 
1-3kVAOnline Tower UPS with extended runtimes 
1-3kVAOnline Rotation Dual format Tower or Rack Mount UPS with extended runtimes 
6-20kVAOn-line Tower format, 1/1 (B500) or 3/1 (B500EVO) UPS with extended runtimes 

6-10kVAOn- line single phase 1/1 Rotation Dual format Tower or Rack Mount UPS with extended runtimes (B500R)
INGENIO30-50kVATransformerless kVA rated Three Phase UPS (3/3) with internal batteries up to 50kVA and extended runtime battery packs
INGENIO+60-100kWTransformerless kW rated Three Phase UPS (3/3 with internal batteries up to 80kW and external extended runtime battery packs
B8000FXS10-20kVATransformer-based Three Phase UPS (3/3) with internal batteries up to 20kVA and external extended runtime battery packs
B9000FXS60-800kVATransformer-based Three Phase UPS (3/3 with external extended runtime battery packs

For more information click on any of the CertaUPS  and Borri UPS systems shown below or contact our Power Projects team to book a FREE site survey, discuss our trade-in service or Health Check an existing system for a maintenance plan.

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Industrial UPS

Borri manufacture a sophisticated selection of industrial UPS systems. These are designed to meet the most challenging of environments and those found within the following industries:

  • Oil, gas and petrochemical
  • Power generation
  • Chemical
  • Transportation
  • Process industries

Borri Industrial UPS systems deliver superior resilience can be used with devices requiring high quality power protection including pumps, control devices (SCADA and DCS), firefighting equipment, emergency lighting, air conditioning and other essential industrial equipment. Borri Industrial UPS feature:

  • An industrial layout with full front access for easy maintenance
  • Industrial-type DC and AC voltages (220/125/110Vdc battery voltages, 220/120/110Vac output voltages, 50/60Hz)
  • Customer user interface (displays, mimic panels, meters, lamps, relays and transducers)
  • System integration into distribution panels, isolation transformers, voltage stabilisers, harmonic reduction filters, high IP-rated cabinets and points of cable entry

For industrial projects, Borri has a dedicated industrial UPS team to take care of technical and commercial proposals, system engineering, project documentation, factory acceptance testing and world-wide commissioning and maintenance support including off-shore.