Data Centre Energy Efficiency Code of Conduct

Data Centre Energy Efficiency Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency is a voluntary initiative, created to improve understanding of best practice energy management principles within a data centre environment. The Code of Conduct is published by the European Commission and brings together both industry Participants and Endorsers to the industry. Participants are data centre owners and operators. Endorsers may be suppliers to the industry including data centre designers.

EcoPowerSupplies, Approved Endorser Status

EcoPowerSupplies is an approved Endorser of the Code of Conduct. The organisation supplies power protection, energy management and renewable energy solutions into the data centre industry.

EcoPowerSupplies is one method by which we promote energy efficiency. The website provides information on Energy Technology List approved high efficiency uninterruptible power systems and ECO-mode UPS systems.

EcoPowerSupplies also publishes a blog with case studies and white papers available from the Download area of its website.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Code of Conduct is to minimise energy usage within data centre environments. The Code Conduct is aimed at different stakeholders, allowing them to commit to improving energy efficiency within their operational business areas. The principle targets being data center owners and operators. By committing to Endorser status, Eco Power Supplies is committed to the aims of the Code of Conduct which are to:

  1. Develop and promote a set of easily understood metrics to measure the current efficiencies and improvement going forward in conjunction with other industry thought leadership fora.
  2. Provide an open process and forum for discussion representing European stakeholder requirements.
  3. Produce a common set of principles to refer to and work in coordination with other international initiatives.
  4. Raise awareness among managers, owners, investors, with targeted information and material on the opportunity to improve efficiency. Suppliers of efficient services and equipment, as well as other organisations can become allied in and Endorsers of these targeted campaigns.
  5. Create and provide an enabling tool for industry to implement cost-effective energy saving opportunities.
  6. Develop practical voluntary commitments which when implemented improve the energy efficiency of data centres and in so doing minimise the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  7. Determine and accelerate the application of energy efficient technologies.
  8. Foster the development of tools that promote energy efficient procurement practices.
  9. Support procurement, by providing criteria for equipment (based on the Energy Star
    Programme specifications, when available, and other Codes of Conduct, and best practice recommendations.
  10. Monitor and assess actions to properly determine both the progress and areas for
  11. Set energy efficiency targets, for public and corporate data centre owners and operators (targets are differentiated according to the size and status of existing data centres, the geographical location, the return on investments, etc).
  12. Provides reference for other participants. The values of the Code of Conduct goes beyond the number of companies that sign and commit themselves, as the principles can be implemented also by other companies, which may not decide to make a public commitment. The existence of the European Code of Conduct introduces targets and guidelines which are open to every data centre.

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