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Server rooms and comms rooms today are complex hubs of data processing and communications technologies. Most medium to large-sized organization require server UPS systems that can keep them operational on a 24-7 basis. Servers will generally be floor standing or rack mounted in communications cabinets and any associated PBX will be a software-based switch running on a rackmount server. Legacy telecoms switches will be floor standing or wall mounted cabinets also requiring the type of secure power protection provide by uninterruptible power supplies.

Issues within a comms room therefore relate to assessing the full load profile, electrical socket output requirements and feeds into the room from a local switchboard. Here EcoPowerSupplies can provide full site-survey and any associated electrical contracting work, all at the level of expertise required from an approved contractor and to the latest IEE regulations.

The UPS within this server and comms room collection include both single phase and three phase UPS systems. Transformerless UPS are recommended for comms room installation due to their compact size, high efficiency and low heat outputs. The compact size means a small U height if installed with a rack cabinet or small footprint for floor standing systems.

To select the right UPS for a long back-up runtime see our Extended Runtime UPS collection.

Contact the Eco Power Projects team to book a FREE site survey, discuss our trade-in service or Health Check an existing system for a maintenance plan.

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Power Protection Notes for Comms Room UPS

Comms rooms are complex, controlled environments and uninterruptible power supply installations within comms rooms must be eco-friendly in terms of a high energy efficiency and low heat output. EcoPowerSupplies UPS systems can be monitored remotely via a local network SNMP connection or an internet connection. They can be configured to shutdown file server operations in a controlled manner during long mains power failures and monitored on a 24-7 basis through our service centre a vital feature of our ECO Premium maintenance plans.

Runtime capabilities can be extended through the installation of additional battery extension packs. These can be installed as floor standing cabinets, rack mount cabinets or for larger systems on specially configured battery racks. Where space is a premium batteries can be installed within a separate battery room – which should be as close as possible to the comms room to reduce DC cabling costs and power loses. All cables must be appropriately sized to accommodate cable run lengths and losses on an initial site survey. UPS runtime capability can also extended by connecting the UPS to a local standby power generator with sufficient capacity available (typically 1.25-1.5 times the size of the UPS to cover the UPS input requirements) and any other external battery extension pack chargers. EcoPowerSupplies also supplies critical standby power generators.