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Containerised UPS and Generator Solutions

Containerised UPS Solutions

Our containerised solutions are ideal for sites requiring either temporary power and/or where there is not sufficient capacity within an existing building plant room to expand a critical power system for a major datacentre modification, disaster recovery situation or project over run.

EcoPowerSupplies provides a complete design, project management, delivery, electrical installation and maintenance service for its transportable container systems. These can be purchased or hired on short-term rental contracts to provide temporary or fixed power solutions.

Containers from EcoPowerSupplies can be supplied with a combination of power protection solutions including: uninterruptible power supplies (standalone, parallel and modular), generators, automatic mains failure (AMF) panels, standby power and energy storage batteries, fuel cells, flywheels, LV switchgear and distribution boards.

Containerised Solutions

Containerised UPS

EcoPowerSupplies containerised power solutions incorporate self-contained systems within a standard ISO shipping container (20-foot and 40-foot options). The containers can be easily deployed to sites and arrive ready to install. Their installation is relatively straight forward and with electrical arrangements built-into the containers to support existing electrical infrastructure.

The containers can be used for power in remote areas, or brownfield or industrial sites requiring a secure building to house their critical power protection systems. The containers can also be installed next to existing building infrastructures to provide additional plant room capacity or deployed as part of a containerised datacentre deployment.

Huawei Containerised Datacentres, Power and Cooling

Huawei is a leading provider of modular and containerised datacentres as well as iT and telecommunications infrastructure components. The video provides an overview of the Huawei containerised solutions available which can be deployed as part of a modular datacentre system.

Containerised Power Solution Advantages

Deploying containerised systems can lead to cost savings when compared to either expanding existing plant room space or construction of a new building. I addition, deployment can generally be made within a matter of weeks with lower installation and final connection costs.

Containerised systems are also more flexible. They be purchased as a CAPEX item and deployed within an organisation or rented as an OPEX option for fixed term contracts.

The approach is modular is allows facilities managers to select the right-sized systems and container to suit their power needs. The systems are also scalable allowing further containers to be installed at a later date to meet growing demands. As well as providing a solution for modular self-contained power protection systems, containerised systems can also be used to support containerized datacentres.

  • Cost effective, energy saving solution using systems integrated into a single 20-foot or 40-foot container providing up to 6MVA of operational power
  • Highly secure and reliable with a two-porch design to prevent wind and sand ingress, IP55 enclosure and anti-corrosion paint finish to give a 15-year working life
  • Optimal Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) and protection from external threats
  • Matched to support containerised modular datacentres with integral cooling and a high PUE ratio
  • Customised security and fit-out options to suit local requirements
  • Purchase (CAPEX) or Rental/Lease options (OPEX) for flexible
  • Integral power distribution, security and monitoring systems
  • Fast construction, fit-out, deployment and connection
  • Company branding in colour and logo application
  • Provision for on-going all-inclusive maintenance contracts with defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Eco Renewable Power Options

Containerised Eco Power with Solar PV Systems

In addition to housing traditional back-up power solutions, our containers can be fitted to support fuel-cells and solar PV installations. This can be ideal when deployed in remote areas requiring additional energy storage and the ability to work off-gird or within a Smart-Grid application.

UPS systems can use lead acid batteries or lithium-ion for deep, fast charge/discharge cycle operation. Generators can be connected to local natural gas supplies or supplied for connection to external diesel or bio-fuel storage tanks.

For more information on the containerised solutions available from EcoPowerSupplies please contact the Eco Power Projects team.