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EcoPowerSupplies is a leading UK supplier of standard, custom designed, modified and ruggedised DC power solutions for telecoms, commercial, marine, off-shore, industrial and military applications. Our DC power solutions include: battery chargers, DC-AC inverters, DC-DC converters, DC power supplies, Centralised Battery Systems (CBS) and DC rectifiers with automatically controlled charges for the highest reliability in critical applications including power generating stations, substations, switch rooms and lighthouses.

Systems can run standalone or in parallel combinations to provide N+1 or greater resilience. Form and fitting factors are system specific but include: standalone, wall mount, chassis mounting, DIN-rail and rack mount.

Looking for a specific DC power solution? Then call the Eco Power Projects team for advice or to arrange a site survey or quotation on 0800 612 7388, email us or complete our enquiry form.

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