Delivery, Logistics and Shipping Services

ECO UPS Delivery and Logistics

At EcoPowerSupplies we strive to make our deliveries as Eco-friendly as possible. This means using the best route planning software and low-emission vehicles. This is not always an easy task given the critical nature of the goods we supply and the range of sizes, volumes and weights (from less than 5Kg to several tonnes). Our delivery services include three distinct groups:

Door-to-Door Delivery

This is our standard shipment method through our courier network for boxes and small pallets. The delivery may arrive in a small van, box van, Luton or curtain-sider and the delivery is to the kerbside and nearest entrance. Included in this range of delivery services are our Eco48hour, next working day, pre 12pm, pre 10am and pre 9am delivery options.

For larger weights and/or palletised deliveries off-loading facilities may be required. We can also provide weekend and out of hours as well as dedicated delivery. The dedicated delivery service is ideal for larger weights as the driver carriers their own portable forklift with them.

Logistics Service including Delivery, Siting and Positioning (DSP)

This service provides a tailgate delivery wagon for easy off-loading with trolleys and stair-walkers to ensure the goods can be taken to the right location. This service is offered for deliveries up to 500Kg or greater. The DSP service may require a site survey for complicated installs. As part of the service, our logistics company will remove any packaging (if the goods are unpacked at time of delivery) for eco-friendly recycling.

All our delivery and logistics services are subject to quotation, unless a price is provided on our website. Here the prices are based on the following assumptions:

  • Delivery is accepted during normal working hours and that the road route to the site unobstructed and suitable to for 18 tonne delivery vehicle.
  • That the equipment delivery route is unobstructed and level ground floor access with a minim of 2100 height clearance and 1000m access width.

If in doubt please discuss your logistics requirements with our projects team who may advise a delivery site survey. Please note that aborted deliveries due to access issues will be charged for at full delivery price. Timed and out of hours deliveries are available upon request. We always recommend a site survey for complicated deliveries to ensure the smooth running of your project.

Electrical Connection, Set-up and Commissioning

EcoPowerSupplies operates a nationwide service engineer network and provide a complete range of on-site electrical installation and start-up services. For pricing contact the Eco Power Projects team.

Off-shore and Overseas Deliveries

If you are UK-based but not on the mainland we need to provide you with a shipping cost. We also ship goods overseas and and can ship using air and sea freight services, providing inspections, documentation, crating and containerisation when required.

Eco Power Projects Team

To discuss any aspect of our delivery, logistics, shipping or installation services please call the Eco Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388. Alternatively you can email us or complete our enquiry form.