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EcoPowerSupplies is an approved Eaton UPS reseller and power consultant. The Eaton UPS power protection ranges supplied include: uninterruptible power supplies (from 350VA to 1100kVA) and intelligent power distribution units (PDUs), complete with remote monitoring solutions. 

Eaton's Energy Efficiency Calculator

UPS Efficiency Calculator

Eaton UPS systems cover applications from large data centres requiring MVA UPS solutions to server rooms, Blade file servers and work stations. Eaton UPS include standby, line interactive and on-line UPS with Energy System Saver operation (ECO Mode) which can deliver up to 99% operational efficiency. Connectivity solutions include adapter cards for SNMP, volt-free contacts, Modbus and JBUS.

Eaton supply high efficiency UPS and include Eco Mode operation known as the Energy Saving System (ESS). The Eaton Efficiency Calculator (opens in a separate window) is a useful tool for comparing the savings (energy and cooling costs) that can result from installing an Eaton UPS compared to a traditional model.

Eaton UPS have Energy Star certification and are a feature on the Energy technology list of the Carbon Trust

UPS and PDU Range

3S UPS550-700VAStandbyUK sockets
Elipse ECO UPS500-1600VAStandbyTower or Rackmount
Ellipse Pro UPS650-1600VALine InteractiveTower or Rackmount
5S UPS550-1500VALine InteractiveTower
5SC UPS550-1500VALine InteractiveTower with LCD
5P UPS650-1550VALine InteractiveTower or Rackmount
5PX UPS1500-3000VALine InteractiveTower or Rackmount
5130 UPS1250-3000VALine InteractiveTower or Rackmount
Ex UPS700-3kVAOn-lineTower and Rackmount format
9130 UPS700-6kVAOn-lineTower and Rackmount format
9SX UPS5-11kVAOn-lineTower and Rackmount format
9PX UPS5-22kVAOn-lineParallel, Tower or Rack format
9155 UPS8-15kVAOnline1/1
93E UPS80-200kVAOn-line with Eco3/3
BladeUPS12kW modules up to 60kWOn-line3/3
93E UPS80-200kVAOn-line with Eco3/3
93PM UPS30-50kW modules up to 200kWOn-line with Eco3/3
9390 UPS40-60kVAOn-line3/3
9395 Xpert UPS225-1100kVAOn-line with Eco3/3
ePDUsBasic-Advanced1Phase or 3Phase

Eaton also supply a complete range of Marine and Off-Shore UPS systems – see datasheet.

Eaton UPS and Virtualisation

Eaton UPS and ePDUs can be easily integrated into a virtualised environment (VMware vCenter, Microsoft SCVMM and XenCenter) using Eaton’s Intelligent Power software and a Network-MS card. The Eaton 5PX, 9130 and 9PX and 93PM models are available bundled with a Network-MS card from EcoPowerSupplies – see Eaton UPS Virtualisation bundles for specific SKUs for ordering.

For further information see the Eaton UPS Virtualisation Bundles Guide or the Eaton Virtualised Server White Paper which provide further information on using UPS systems within critical virtualised environments.

For today’s replacement models for Eaton, the Powerware UPS range, MGE and Best Power UPS see our Eaton Legacy UPS systems table.

For more information click on any of the Eaton UPS systems shown below or contact our Power Projects team to book a FREE site survey, discuss our trade-in service or Health Check an existing system for a maintenance plan.

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Advanced Battery Management (ABM)

Advanced Battery Management Curves

Eaton uninterruptible power supplies use ABM technology to manage battery performance. Compared to the traditional trickle recharging technique used by some competitors, the Eaton ABM battery technology provides superior battery protection and major performance advantages.

ABM is based on a unique three-stage charging technique that optimises recharge times and helps to extend UPS battery working life. ABM can provide early detection of battery problems before they affect the resilience and performance of your Eaton uninterruptible power supply and prevent unnecessary total battery set failures.

Powerware UPS Legacy Brand Names

The Eaton Corporation has purchased several business units over the years, some of whom no longer trade under their original company names or have products supplied under their original brand names.

EcoPowerSupplies can provide service and replacement UPS models and battery replacements for these legacy UPS systems which include: Exide UPS, Powerware UPS, Best Power UPS (FerrUPS and MicroFerrUPS ferroresonant transformer based UPS) and systems previously supplied by MGE Office Protection Systems.

Eaton Powerware UPS

There are many UPS systems in the field under the old Powerware. Many of them are approaching their end of life and EcoPowerSupplies can provide a complete replacement UPS service with attractive rebates and incentives for a trade-in. In addition a new Eaton UPS system will be more efficient and have a smaller footprint leading to reduced energy running costs and freeing up space within your IT environment be it a server rack, comms room or datacentre.

Industrial and Marine Systems

Eaton also supplies uninterruptible power supplies suitable for industrial and marine applications. Some Eaton UPS systems are registered on the Carbon Trust’s Energy Technology List.

Eaton Uninterruptible Power Supplies Guide

Eaton has produced a useful guide to their UPS and PDUs known as the Eaton UPS Handbook.