Energy Efficiency Surveys

Free Energy Efficiency Audits

EcoPowerSupplies provides energy efficiency surveys for clients looking to understand their energy usage profile and reduce their overall electricity costs. This survey can be booked on-line using our Enquiry Form or you can simply call or email our Power and Energy Consultants to arrange a convenient date and time.

The amount of energy used by an organisation is measured at the LV incomer through Electricity Meters provided by the local District Network Operator (DNO) and is charged for in kiloWatts used per hour (kWh). The amount of energy charged for within a given period is directly related to the building loads supplied and their operating efficiency, and the voltage level and stability of the electrical supply itself. For high mains areas voltage reduction strategies (voltage optimisation) can save thousands in wasted energy by lowering the incoming mains voltage to one at which the loads can function more efficiently.

Our Energy Efficiency Survey can be undertaken for any site or client and is designed to help the following types of user to reduce their electricity costs:

  • Datacentres: the survey will focus on their power and cooling systems and be performed by CDCDP and CDCEP certified consultants. The survey will help to identify direct and indirect improvements that can be made to raise datacentre energy metrics including Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiency (DCIE)
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Processing Plants: who use large amounts of electricity to produce their output over a 24hour period and are looking to reduce their overall electricity costs.
  • Public Sector, Retail Outlets, Hotels and Leisure Centres looking to reduce energy costs.

Desktop Surveys

This first stage consists of an office-based analysis of your existing electricity metering bills and is started when a client submits our on-line Desktop Survey Form and uploads scans or PDFs of their latest electricity bills. From these the Power and Energy team at EcoPowerSupplies can identify the amount of energy purchased over a given period of time and the relevant cost per kWh. They can also start to identify peak usage periods during the year. As part of the Desktop Survey our the Power and Energy team will also contact your DNO to identify the size of your LV incomer (Amps) and any associated known data in terms of power interruptions for your area, site specific power problems, supply power factor and potential for renewable energy usage.

Field-based Surveys

The Desktop Survey is an optional service and helps our team to build a picture of the site before an on-site visit. The aims of the actual site survey are to:

  • Measure and monitor the total energy drawn at the building LV incomer, sub-metering, distribution panel or load connection point(s) within a building
  • Identify areas for improvement within the building’s electrical power distribution system that will lead to lower energy consumption and electricity costs
  • Identify potential areas for on-site renewable power generation

Energy Efficiency Usage Service Scope of Works

The following schedule is typically adopted for most surveys but each site and circumstances can be unique.

  • A ‘Kick-off’ meeting and site walk through to gain an understanding of the site and project
  • Identify and agree connection point(s): LV incomer busbars, sub-metering points, distribution panels, in-rack PDUs and/or server/IT power cables
  • Take initial readings and/or install mains monitoring and data logging equipment for the measurement period (typically 24hours, over a 7day period)
  • Disconnect and remove equipment and loggers
  • Download data for analysis and reporting
  • Issue report and recommendations

Additional works may include: load bank testing, temporary power supplies and thermal imaging.

Timeframes and Costs

At EcoPowerSupplies our goal is to respond to site visit requests within 24hours and to fix a time and date for the site visit. The surveys and connection/disconnection of metering and data logging equipment should take place during normal working hours but provision can be made for this as an out-of-hours service. All services are provided free-of-charge for normal working hours work and if the site location is covered by our service network with engineering availability.

Potential Outcomes

The following is a list of recommendations and solutions that we have implemented for clients who have used the service:

  • The installation of voltage optimisers to reduce the incomer and site mains power voltage
  • The installation of voltage stabilisers to regulated the mains power supply
  • The installation of power factor correction systems to improve the site power factor
  • The upgrade of existing legacy UPS systems to the latest high efficiency systems
  • The redistribution of loads to achieve a more balanced electrical profile
  • Changes to operating times and thresholds for heating and cooling systems and/or the adoption of a zoned-approach for key operational areas
  • The upgrade of lighting and heating/cooling units to more energy efficient systems
  • The installation of site or zoned energy monitoring systems including smart-metering, intelligent PDUs and DCIM infrastructure
  • Investment in renewable energy solutions including solar powered lighting, solar PV panel installations, solar thermal for water heating and locally produced wind turbine power
  • Sourcing electricity from lower cost and/or renewable power generators

Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS)

All EcoPowerSupplies Surveys are performed under a generic Risk Assessment and Method Statement. When conducting the Energy Efficiency Survey our engineers will perform the works based on a generic RAMS and will assess all work stages in terms of safety and applicability to the site and survey in question. Site-specific RAMS can be made available subject to a separate site survey.

Other surveys and audits available from EcoPowerSupplies include:

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