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Energy management solutions help organisations to monitor and control their energy usage. Smart meters, intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) and energy monitors placed at strategic points within a building can help to build a energy profile for a building, highlighting excessive usage and loads that can be trimmed, reset or reprogrammed to achieve cost savings. Inverter drives, power factor correction systems and voltage optimisers can help to improve energy efficiency and reduce overall energy consumption.

Integrated into a building management system (BMS) energy monitoring systems from EcoPowerSupplies can be used across an entire building or within defined areas such as data centers and comms rooms. Often a tiered approach is taken, allowing energy managers to remotely monitor and control energy usage and guarantee uptime within key critical power areas. Typical values monitored include kVA, KWHrs, volts, amps, power factor, frequency and energy costs.

For IT facilities energy management solutions from EcoPowerSupplies can help datacenters to reduce their (power usage efficiency) PUE and (data center infrastructure efficiency) DCiE ratios. Datacenter managers can also use intelligent PDUs to remotely manage their file server loads, even down to individual sockets, control access and monitor security and the operational environment of their facility.

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Energy Monitoring Systems

EcoPowerSupplies employs NICEIC certified engineers and our power and energy consultants provide a site survey service across the UK and Eire. They can define a power protection and energy management plan for your facility that will lower your energy costs, and guarantee the resilience and reliability of your electrical supply and infrastructure.

Energy Management Solutions from EcoPowerSupplies put to you in control of your energy usage. They allow you to monitor your load profile and ensure the deployment of an optimised energy management solution.