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Generator Services

Standby Power Generators can be used to support an entire site of critical, essential and non-essential loads, to guarantee operation during a prolonged mains power failure. Generators themselves require regular inspection and testing to ensure they are fully operational and capable of auto-starting within the one or two-minute period they may have when the mains power supply fails.

At EcoPowerSupplies we provide a comprehensive range of generator services to ensure your generator will perform covering all the essential components of your generator and its principle components including: the engine itself, alternator, control system, fuel system, exhaust, cooling and lubrication systems, starter-battery, battery charger, auto-transfer panel and remote monitoring system.

Appointing EcoPowerSupplies as your generator service partner provides a range of services:

  • Electrically certified installations with manufacturer trained commissioning engineers
  • Fixed price maintenance plans and services to guarantee no-surprise budgeting
  • Preventative Maintenance visits – view our Generator Service Checklist including visual inspections, cleaning, electrical, hydraulic and lubricant checks, fuel level checks and refuelling, oil sampling, air and water filter replacement.
  • Check-ups for maintenance cover provision, upgrades, trade-ins and recycling
  • 24-7 guaranteed emergency response times to fault alarms and conditions
  • 24-7 technical support hotline and knowledge databank
  • Remote site monitoring with dedicated alarm response scripts
  • Starter battery maintenance including testing, replacement and eco-friendly disposal
  • Comprehensive cover including parts and labour costs
  • Crash kits and spare stock availability on a nationwide basis
  • Flexible maintenance plans to provide the right level of cover for your system
  • Load bank testing if required
  • Factory witness testing programs for large-scale systems
  • Multi-brand, nationwide service network staffed by certified technicians and service engineers

Whether you are using a combination UPS and generator or just a generating set our generator services are designed to ensure your generator systems can start automatically and maintain their load during a critical mains power supply failure. Flexibility built into our generator service plans allows you to choose the right level of response for your site and load profile.