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Within local and central government, public sector bodies and the emergency services there is a continual drive to improve process efficiency, reduce energy costs and optimise budgets. These drivers place an even greater emphasis on IT systems providing data processing, voice and communications services for control, administration and management operations.

As a manufacturer independent supplier, we ensure we provide the most suitable power and energy management solution for your application – be it one with the NHS, Universities, schools, colleges, town halls, city council and district offices, Inland Revenue, the emergency services (police, fire, ambulance), MOD services (Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force) or any other government or public sector related body.

Critical Power Systems from EcoPowerSupplies

Emergency services and the armed forces need power they can rely on just as much as any other critical application. We survey every client post sale to find out why they chose EcoPowerSupplies. Here are the top six reasons:

  1. Extensive UPS range for a wide range of IT applications from network servers, to telecoms and data centres.
  2. We are UPS manufacturer independent and provide the right solution for the client, customised ‘in-house’ when required to meet specific requirements in terms of robustness, ruggedised and portability.
  3. High trained certified UPS engineers who can provide rapid response services and 24/7 technical support.
  4. Same day and Next day despatch from strategically located stores with working day and weekend delivery options.
  5. Competitive pricing thanks to the volumes we supply, we can ensure we are competitive with extra discount for public sector accounts.
  6. Three year UPS warranty as standard with discounted future battery replacement costs.

For more information on all the uninterruptible power supplies available from EcoPowerSupplies see our UPS Systems collection. This splits several hundred products available by size, phase, format and technology.

If you need more advice or guidance for your government or emergency service power solution applications please contact the Eco Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388, email us or complete our enquiry form.

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