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Power protection solutions for hospitals, healthcare and medical applications focus on the highest levels of electrical power security and reliability. Without a secure power plan, IT systems can fail and within a healthcare environment this can lead to data errors covering patient records, appointments, stock control and resource allocation. From an electrical perspective poor site facilities and intermittent electrical power can lead to issues with patient treatment including x-ray and MRI scans, incubators, kidney dialysis, respiratory and operating theatre systems.

For a hospital and healthcare environment, EcoPowerSupplies can design and install power protection solutions to protect IT systems, assist with patient care operations and reduce energy usage costs. This will include powering IT systems, PCs, IT servers, server rooms, communications rooms and even small data centres from right-sized UPS and making use of local standby power generators.

EcoPowerSupplies Power Protection For Medical Facilities

Medical facilities and hospitals require secure power supplies to ensure system integrity and must be able to run for several hours during a grid power failure. Power continuity planning requires a site-wide power audit with some sections requiring their own individual secure power plan. Grid independence means that hospitals have their own standby power generators and our engineering expertise is required to ensure the right-sized UPS system with N+X resilience is installed for each area. Here are the the top six reasons clients choose to work with EcoPowerSupplies for medical and hospital environments:

  1. Extensive IT and medical UPS range with options for extended runtimes, monitoring interfaces, Galvanic isolation and maintenance bypasses.
  2. We are UPS manufacturer independent and are not tied to any single UPS manufacturer and recommend the right solution for your application.
  3. The right level of experience and knowledge required to work in sensitive environments with the necessary management system accreditations.
  4. The project management skills to work cross-functionally with the teams on-site to deliver a first time working installation.
  5. Comprehensive maintenance contracts with 4 clock hour support, spares kits, 24/7 technical support and nationwide emergency response teams.
  6. Three year UPS warranty as standard with discounted future battery replacement costs.

For more information on all the uninterruptible power supplies available from EcoPowerSupplies see our UPS Systems collection. This splits several hundred products available by size, phase, format and technology.

If you need more advice or guidance for your hospital and medical power solutions please contact the Eco Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388, email us or complete our enquiry form.

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