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Industrial and process control sites require protection from poor mains power quality in order to deliver consistent, high grade manufacturing output. Breaks in the mains power supply, or a supply polluted with spikes, electrical noise, sags, brownouts or surges, can lead to the suspension of manufacturing operations as lines have to be reset and output scrapped. Industrial environments also tend to have heavily polluted mains power supplies due to the size and number of inductive motor-driven loads on site. Typical power problems include spikes and electrical noise, sags and surges in mains power voltage.

The best power protection solutions for industrial manufacturing sites are transformer-based. A built-in isolation transformer provides Galvanic isolation to help isolate the load from the mains power supply itself. Transformer-based UPS systems tend to be more suited to industrial sites, where back-up power is required to run through breaks in supply. If a transformerless UPS is chosen, EcoPowerSupplies may recommend a separate isolation transformer to protect both the load and the UPS itself. Standby generators can then be used to provide back up power to essential or non-essential loads, and the UPS at the end of its battery runtime.

For industrial manufacturing sites, UPS efficiencies can be improved by operating the UPS in Eco-Mode or even Standby-off, where available. These modes run the UPS systems as line interactive and standby UPS respectively, with the batteries switching in when a mains power break occurs. Whilst the quality of the output supply, when mains is present, may be less than in full ‘on-line’ mode protection, the UPS is set to provide its battery back-up supply in emergencies.

Some uninterruptible power supplies supplied for industrial sites by EcoPowerSupplies are especially ruggedised, with higher cabinet IP-ratings, dual redundant fans, fan filters (for dust and chemicals) and a 220Vdc bus for improved electrical safety during. For loads that do not require a no-break electrical supply, power conditioners and voltage stabilisers, preferably transformer-based and not electronic, can provide a high grade of power quality. Lifetime is also a consideration for industrial UPS system applications which can run to 15-20 years and about double that of a data centre type UPS installation. Industrial UPS due to their extended working life tend to have lower lifetime costs but a higher initial purchase price.

EcoPowerSupplies Solutions For Industrial Sites

Installing uninterruptible power supplies on industrial sites can be a more complex process than in a data centre environment because of the harsher conditions. The technical services team at EcoPowerSupplies has worked on many of the UK’s leading industrial sites installing and maintaining UPS systems. As part of our ISO9001 quality management system we survey every client who purchases an Industrial UPS from us and uses our team for installation and UPS maintenance. These are the top six reasons clients chose EcoPowerSupplies to protect their industrial facilities:

  • Industrial design with the capabilities to implement industrial UPS solutions up to 6MVA and designed to last in an industrial environment
  • Installations expertise and safety accreditations to work on industrial sites for installation and UPS maintenance
  • An extensive UK nationwide service network to provide 24/7 support for any industrial complex and process control site
  • System resilience as we provide the capability to design an N+X resilient solution including separate A and B supplies
  • Manufacturer independence to ensure we select the right UPS solution for the application
  • Environmental considerations as we supply high efficiency products, providing eco-friendly lifetime management and end-of-life disposal options

For more information on all the uninterruptible power supplies available from EcoPowerSupplies see our UPS Systems range. This splits several hundred products available by size, phase, format and technology. We have a range of transformer-based UPS suitable for industrial sites.

If you need more advice or guidance for your industrial UPS system please contact the Eco Power Projects team on 0800 612 7388, email us or complete our enquiry form.

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