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Industrial manufacturing and processing sites require a robust transformer-based uninterruptible power supply capable of continuous running and mains power conditioning. The mains power supply itself may be heavily polluted with spikes, electrical noise and harmonics generated by heavy-induction loads switching on and off during manufacturing processes.

MHT and MPS industrial UPS systems are transformer-based and suitable for the type of electrical environments found on typical industrial sites. They have a three phase input and output. The MIM series UPS systems have a single phase output and are more ruggedised for harsher industrial environments where the levels of vibration, mechanical stress, operating temperatures and dust ingress may be higher.

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Power Protection Installation Notes For Industrialised SITES

Some of the industrial UPS from EcoPowerSupplies have a 220Vdc bus (from 108-144 battery blocks), which is a common electrical and safety standard for industrial applications. Others have higher DC Bus and are the transformer-based uninterruptible power supplies used within data centre and other applications requiring a robust UPS design.

UPS Customisations

Our uninterruptible power supplies can be custom-engineered to suit specific installation requirements including additional/ redundant ventilation fans with 50% fan loading at nominal loads and fan monitoring, and IP (Ingress Protection) rating. Please check the individual product data sheets.