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  • InterSeptor iMeter is a Power Monitoring System to measure the electrical energy being drawn by PDUs and power cables within a server data rack. The InterSeptor iMeter can also be used to monitor environmental conditions within and around the server rack. The unique design means zero-downtime for installation including a range of Go-Probe sensors which can monitor up to 496 measurements from a single IP address including:

    • Current (16 or 32Amps) using intelliAmp true RMS current sensors
    • Voltage
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Airflow
    • Water Leak
    • Security (door contact or motion)
    • Smoke

    InterSeptor iMeters allow datacentre managers, IT managers and Facilities personnel to analyse relationships between power usage and airflow, temperature and the datacentre environment to assist decisions relating to power distribution and room cooling. The system can be implemented.

    Standard Features

    • Modular system for easy implementation and budget optimisation
    • Zero downtime for installation
    • Quickly and easily compare power usage between data centre racks
    • Track power efficiency improvements over time
    • Use iMeter on-board logs or iMS software to identify power saving potential
    • Monitor the relationships between temperature, airflow and power usage to improve server room efficiency
    • Integrated environmental and power monitoring alerts
    • Additional features include virtual sensor integration, Modbus, SMS and voice alerts (with optional modem to ensure that the iMeter can accommodate a variety of power and environmental monitoring requirements
    • Zero disruption to server rack power supplies
  • SKU iMM08

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